Cubs win!

There's nothing like playoff baseball. Football and basketball are exciting, but when the Cubbies make the playoffs, my life takes on new meaning. This is an annual occurrence for Yankees and Braves fans, but for Cubs fans it's like going to a bar with your buddies and bringing home the hottest girl in the joint. On rare occasions it happens, but even when it does, it's so unbelievable that you know you should just count your blessings, but before long you think that you deserve it, setting up the the inevitable heartbreak.
The only negative: I ordered Fox Sports Net this morning, just to watch the Cubs games. I got all settled in my sofa, food and remote controls within reach, and switched to channel 639 a few minutes before game one of the doubleheader. And then the clock hit 10:00am, and the screen went black. The games were blacked out in Seattle, in favor of the meaningless A's Mariners game. Puh-lease. I cradled my head in my hands, disgusted.
I tried desperately to order MLB's streaming video and audio feeds online, to no avail. Not surprising, as is a terrible website. Instead, I had to track most of game one on a lousy Internet applet. How ridiculous is it for me to be shouting at my laptop screen, especially when Dusty left Prior in game one past 130 pitches.
First the Astros lost--thank you Brewers!!! The Astros lack of starting depth finally caught up to them, having to start Robertson and Villone in back to back games. And with Prior going, if the Cubs could just muster a couple runs, say, 4 of them, then things would be hunky dory.
Game two was over quickly, as the Cubs jumped all over Vogelsong for 6 runs in the first two innings. I wasn't home to see highlights of the celebration, but I knew it was essentially over. The Astros had choked big time, and if the Cubbies didn't finish them today then Wood would have sealed it tomorrow.
The Cubs still have to be the longest shots going into the playoffs b/c of their weak offense, but if Wood, Zambrano, and Prior's arms are still functional after so many 120 pitch outings, then of course the Cubbies have a chance. Ortiz, Hampton, and Maddux just don't scare you as a front three, and Smoltz has just recently come back off of the DL. The Cubs were clearly outclasssed the last time they faced the Braves in 98, but this time they have a better shot. That Braves offense is scary, but the best of offenses can be shut down.
When was the last time a Red Sox-Cubs World Series was even a possibility? Would that not be the highest rated World Series in history? If it happens, I'm going to every game, that's all there is to it. I'll sell my car if I have to.