Dilemma for espresso-drinking liberals

Seattle is all huffy over Initiative 77, a proposal for $0.10 tax on espresso drinks to fund child day care for lower-income families.
I'm amused mostly by the editors of newspapers everywhere tripping over themselves to claim the title of worst coffee pun headline. A check on Google News reveals the following contenders:
Coffee Addicts in Froth Over Espresso Tax (Yahoo News)
Seattle residents frothing over proposed espresso tax (Katu.com)
Espresso fans working up froth (Arizona Republic)
Proposed Espresso Tax Steams Seattle (Guardian)
How soon could city grind out a new tax? (Seattle Times)
Seattle in lather over espresso tax (MSNBC)
Editorial: Espresso tax a grande idea (The Collegiate Times, VA)
Coffee drinkers perk up against espresso tax (Tuscaloosa News)
Espresso-tax debate has foes steaming (Seattle Times)