Evil Frodo, scowling MRod

The lead baddie in S.W.A.T. looks like an old, evil Elijah Wood. Like a Wood who, after the luster of the LOTR trilogy wears off and depressed over the subsequent lack of attention, becomes alcoholic, finally ages about 10 years, and ends up turning to a life of crime.
S.W.A.T. does nothing to disprove the theory that any movie which considers L.L. Cool J a thespian is likely to stink. I loved the old TV show; my cousin Chuck and I watched it religiously one summer while staying at our aunt's house in San Diego. It was part of the daily regimen. I don't remember much about the show, and if I saw it today I'm sure I'd be disappointed. Memory has a way of aging everything like wine. But I do remember the creative special tactics that the TV show featured every episode, and none of those were on display in the movie. The fight scenes in the movie are straight shoot-em ups, and the director's crazed cutting and camera angles confuse instead of clarifying the action.
The only fun to be had is listening to Elliot Goldenthal's 589 variations on the old S.W.A.T. theme song (as anyone who's seen the trailer knows, the characters even hum the tune at one moment, one of several post-modern winks at the audience) and watching Michelle Rodriguez's 685 new variations of her trademark scowl. In the spirit of Paul Ekman's FACS test, which seems to be top of mind for me these days, I created a Michelle Rodriguez FACS test (thanks to the Michelle Rodriguez Underground for the pics).