Some light prison reading

This week's New Yorker mentioned that it existed, so I checked it out, and indeed, former ImClone founder and Martha Stewart buddy Sam Waksal has an wishlist. Sam is currently in prison for insider trading, and last I checked, Martha Stewart was on trial for that crime as well.
Waksal has generous friends and family: all but three items off of his long reading list have been purchased, and the three that remain are not available.
It got me curious to see if anyone else famous had searchable wishlists. Of course, it's possible to create phony wishlists for people, but some of these look legit:
Steve Jobs (just one item on his list--what to get the man who has everything?)
Dean Kamen (ditto)
Jeff Bezos (this one I know is real)
There are probably more, but I'm too tired to search for them. If you come across any, let me know.
I wouldn't mind being famous. Then perhaps random people would buy me things off of my wishlist.