Do the right thing

Most Cubs fans are singing the praises of new manager Dusty Baker, but he frustrates the hell out of me. I don't doubt he does a good job with motivation and communication with his players, much better than Don Baylor, for example, but Baker's tactical management is terrible.
For example, he insists on running Shawn Estes out there every five days. Estes has probably been the worst starting pitcher in baseball this year, despite his constant excuses to the press. After each terrible start, Estes tells the press, "I had good stuff, I was just unlucky." Note to Estes: you suck.
This is related to another of Baker's sins, that he doesn't like using young players. Juan Cruz, one such young player, could have been pitching in place of Estes all year. If he had, the Cubs would be in first place, I have little doubt. The Cubs roster is filled with old players who either already suck or are going to suck next year: Alfonseca, Glanville, O'Leary, Karros, Goodwin, Womack. This makes Baker happy. He also works his starting pitchers to death, presumably hoping to prematurely age them because he loves old guys.
Everyone's excited because the Cubs are in the division race. But given the Cubs starting pitching, a rebound this year was somewhat inevitable.