The next stroke, and 2 Many DJ's

Is anyone else excited about the upcoming as-of-yet-untitled album from The Strokes?
Perhaps it will inspire a few more mash-ups like A Stroke of Genius, the fusion of The Strokes "Hard to Explain" and Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a Bottle." Stroke of genius, indeed, and one of the better demonstrations of the subversive qualities of mash-ups. Claim you don't like Christina Aguilera, that the Strokes are much cooler and hotter? What can you say when the combination of the two turns out to be even better than the parts? What do you say then? I don't say anything, I just bop. You'll have to download it from your favorite file-sharing network; it's not on any CDs that I know of.
Meanwhile, I can keep myself dancing happy with 2 Many DJ's unbelievably hot compilation series, As Heard on Radio Soulwax. Part 2, the most well-known of their five CDs or Parts, is the one in my CD player right now, and it will actually forcefully lift you out of your chair and shake your booty for you. It's nowhere near as near as clever as Stroke of Genius; it simply aims to party, and isn't that what DJs are supposed to do?