BMWFilms on DVD for you and me

The fun shorts of, directed by notables like Wong Kar Wai and Ang Lee, are now available on DVD. If you own a BMW, it's free, and if you don't, they'll ship you a copy for just the cost of $3.75 for shipping and handling. Visit and follow the instructions. I did.
Next year, BMW introduces the new 5 series and also a new 6 series sports coupe. I saw one of the new 5 series sedans at a gas station in France this year, and the only changes I could perceive on my quick stroll around it were the external cosmetic changes. The magic of the 5 series (and BMW's in general) has never been the looks; it's all about the driving.
However, the 6 series coupe will have a heads-up display and glass panorama roof along with an optional six speed Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG). Mmm mmm mmm. Tasty.