The spidey tracer

Let me be up front: I'm repackaging a couple product links from Gizmodo here.
With a high quality Halloween costume, a couple of these inserted in plastic casing molded in the shape of a spider, and you could be a modern day Spiderman. In the old 1960's cartoon, not the sleek but dull new one on MTV with the slow and robotic animation, Spidey would toss small spider-shaped tracers on his enemies as they were fleeing the scene so that he could track them down later.
Everyone else will comment on how these Followit's can be used to track spouses or children, but family units built around distrust are somewhat dysfunctional anyway. This Spiderman angle will likely be overlooked by the press. Of course, some people want to be geo-tracked.
No self-respecting male will ever resort to using the self-parallel-parking feature coming in a future model of the Toyota Prius. I realize that's a sexist remark, but some things guys just generally do better than gals, and parallel parking is one of them. Don't ask me why, I have no idea. All I do know is that the one time I let a woman parallel park my car she scraped the hubcap against the curb, and the screeching sound of that metal against cement was like the sound of my heart shearing in half. No use trying to conceal the disappointment on my face, it was a look of sheer horror.