The magic hour

The reason my posts from the past few days tend to show up all at once is that by the time I start browsing my newsreader, it's usually after dinner, around 10 or 11 at night. Things I read may spur an idea which I'll jot down, but then I'll get sleepy and lack the energy to finish a grammatically sound, coherent post. So I leave a line or two and return when I'm feeling brighter and committed and finish the thought.
With my job kicking in again, the days are so short. Wake up, work all day, get home, try to fit in a bike ride or movie or some reading, then make some dinner, and then it's 10pm and the day's just about over. I've made a schedule for myself for every night out of the week, and all I can squeeze in is one activity a night at best, and a bit of writing depending on how late I can stay awake.