Cleaning up the past

When I last shifted to this template for my weblog, my previous years of posts didn't handle the conversion too well because I used to insert hard line breaks to create readable sentence lengths going across the page. With this new template it's not much of an issue because the actual blog entries are constrained by the column width automatically.
I've been lazy about going back and cleaning up my archives. It's a long and arduous task. But I've noticed enough traffic to the archives that sheer embarrassment is motivating me to get it done. It's like finding out guests have been walking through your bedroom--you're much quicker to pick up the dirty laundry.
So slowly, you should notice an improvement in the formatting of old posts. I started with March 2002 because, for some reason, that month gets more traffic than any other. What's the number one product in terms of click throughs on my site as measured by Amazon Associates? Eye of the Tiger, by Survivor, by a huge margin, and it's only mentioned on my site once, in this post from March 25, 2002. How and why people keep finding this post is a complete and utter mystery.