An eventful several days. First and foremost, James got engaged to Angela last Friday. Given that Angela's survived a few of our family Christmases, she's already well prepared for our madness and a card-carrying member of our wacky but fun tribe. Mostly, I'm excited about the hip hop routine which Karen will choreograph and which Alan, Jeff, Mike, and I will perform at the wedding. Yes, we're that kind of family. I hope Karen doesn't throw in anything difficult moves--I'm not quite as flexible as I once was.
Lots of birthdays--my stepmother, Bill, Lynn. Carol organized a great little sunset BBQ surprise for Lynn's birthday today. We hung out at a park in West Seattle, near the Vashon ferry. I've been here in Seattle over five years and never even knew about that picnic spot.
On a more somber note, doctors found some growths in my grandfather's mouth and suspect cancer. We won't know until next Tuesday. Given our family's history with cancer, I cringe everytime I hear the word, and it's difficult not to fall prey to fatalistic thoughts. But he's a tough cookie, and we're all keeping our fingers crossed.
My sinus infection is back. After going all my life without one, this year I've had three, and I'm starting to think it's chronic. The doc didn't prescribe antibiotics today, much to my dismay. I hate taking meds, but sinus infections are so miserable I was ready to pop pills as soon as possible. He wants to run a CT scan of my sinuses, and until then I'm stuck with Sudafed which feels like getting a water pistol before heading into a gunfight. My teeth ache, I'm running a fever, and my head is splitting. It's difficult to keep my mind focused. I was tempted to Google "chronic sinusitis," but then thought better of it. Sometimes ignorance is of some comfort.
P.S.: I've been flipping through the entertaining and useful diversion titled The Klutz Book of Knots, and the most immediately useful one in my everyday life is The Better Bow. How did I live all these years without it? Take the bow you use to tie your shoes, and make one simple change. When you get to the point where you have to make a turn around the middle of the two loops, make two turns around the end of your finger instead of just one. Then slip the second loop through the hole vacated by your finger, just as normal. Voila! A bow knot which doesn't come loose and still unties with a simple tug. Brilliant!