Scott McCloud's The Right Number

Scott McCloud has launched an online comic called The Right Number which you can pay for using a new micropayment service called BitPass. This is notable for many reasons:

  • Scott McCloud wrote the brilliant book Understanding Comics, which is on my list of all-time favorite books. He has written for a long time about the potential for new business models in comic books leveraging the online space and micropayments, so to see him actually put his thoughts into action is a great thing.

  • BitPass is the first micropayment service I've noticed that uses the phone card type of micropayment model. To offset the big credit card transaction fees, they charge you one lump sum up front and let you debit against that account in a series of a micropayments as you read content.

  • It's an entertaining read!

  • Online comics don't have some of the charm of curling up with a paper comic, but they have their own redeeming qualities which are unique to the online medium. McCloud links to some of the best ones.