Metablog candy

I'm wondering how many datafeeds I can add to my newsreader before it becomes I stop going to sleep at night altogether and just stay up all night catching up. Until I go blind, I think. Until then...
BoingBoing and MetaFilter and Kottke had some gems today. I remember when Cool Site of the Day was the only place to find out about interesting new sites. Now there are people whose sole purpose in life is to surf the web, searching for strange and interesting sites. A sampling of today's wonderful and weird:
Google Gag: Go to Google and type in "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and hit the I'm Feeling Lucky button. Be sure to click on some of the resulting links as well.
Sims Reality TV: people with lots of free time on their hands are creating Sims storylines or movies and saving them as albums. Kottke points out this wicked little tale, titled A Lawn Gnome's Revenge. The web has opened up distribution to fringe artists all over the world. Instead of fifteen minutes of fame, everyone has a chance for a few thousand clicks of fame. Someone like Metafilter picks you up, or you spread through the tight-knit weblog space, and if you're lucky you end up as a sidebar in Time magazine. No one knows who you are, but the site that hosts your website gets a huge traffic spike for a few days.
Rocklist: finally, someone has collected all the music year end best-of lists from journalists and fans and put them in one place. Not sure how to describe this. Funky web art.
Kick ass picture of aircraft carrier: this might be one of the coolest pics I've ever seen on the web. I'm going to save it and print it out on my inkjet.
Lastly, Slashdot reports on a potential telemarketer backlash. What caught my eye was all the links to ways to counteract junk snail mail. I'll have to try those out each week since more than 50% of the mail I get just gets carried from the mailbox to the recycling bin by the driveway.