Overrated books

BoingBoing links to this article lists the books that some famous Brits really dislike. I love it when the gloves come off--they should make more such lists public, though I doubt many famous people want to irritate each other. Never know who you'll run into on the dinner circuit.
Off the top of my head, some acclaimed and highly overrated books:
Lord of the Rings: don't confuse effort with quality. Most books praised by readers as so imaginative, or so elaborate a fictional universe, should raise warning flags. Sure, he invented an entire language and all sorts of histories and races, but Tolkien still can't write prose or poetry for shit. I forced myself to reread the books after the first Jackson movie came out, and now I wonder why I wasted so many hours of my life. The movies are better.
Harry Potter series: I've read the first two now, and I still don't understand what all the fuss is about. Sure, it may be an interesting diversion for kids, but why are all these adults filling their brains with this childish nonsense? Anyone who uses the word muggle in a sentence while in my presence shall be shot.
The Fountainhead: I had to read it in high school for the annual Fountainhead essay writing contest. It's also the book most often cited when I ask people what their favorite book is. She might as well have written an essay, because none of the characters are believable. Every one of them is simply a skeleton on which to hang some philosophical archetype.
There must be more, though none come to mind right now. Other nominees, folks?
P.S.: Speaking of Brits, I saw a highlight from the French Open in which some guy ran out on the court naked and hopped the net with security officers in pursuit. What is it with European sports fans and streaking? That just doesn't really happen in the U.S. Is it the same reason Americans are so uncomfortable on European nude beaches?