Scanning old photos

Everyone seems surprised when I tell them that all the photos on my site are from analog cameras. Everyone assumes that an early adopter like me would be all over digital cameras (I recently caved and got a compact digital camera, the Minolta F300). For simply posting pics online, a digital workflow is definitely the way to go. Still, I love shooting slides using my different lenses attached to my lug of a camera body.
Most people have lots of old negatives and slides, and posting those pics online is a great way to share them. If you have enough of them, a film scanner is a great investment because it's cheaper to scan hundreds of negatives yourself than to have a photo lab do it. Used or refurbed photo scanners can be had for true bargains on eBay. For 35mm film scanners, try searching for a used Nikon LS-2000 (or make me an offer on mine), a Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III, or best of all, a Minolta Dimage Scan Elite II. If you're willing to open the wallet, the upcoming Minolta Dimage Elite 5400 looks like one of the sweetest 35mm film scanners yet. It looks to retail for close to $1000, though. If you're a medium format film shooter and lucky enough to be able to afford a Minolta Dimage Multi Pro, you should also pick up a Scanhancer, a feature supposedly built into the upcoming 5400.
An added bonus? You can touch up those old photos in Photoshop. Scratched or dusty negatives and slides? Digital ICE and other software algorithms will work some magic on them to clean them up.