Pics from South America

Working within the Internet industry, you quickly learn that massive, major website releases or updates are generally only a good idea for PR purposes. From a software stability and financial perspective, it's generally better to do lots of smaller, incremental improvements and updates.
I've finally learned, and I'm going to apply the same lesson to my own site. Instead of spending entire weekends scanning my slides from my sabbatical travels, I'm going to simply scan a photo here or there when I have time and post one every day until I run out of good ones. I'll start with South America and start posting them to this index page. I used to promise to make massive changes or updates to the look and feel or functionality on the site, and I'm going to stop doing that. It just publicizes my naive optimism. No, I'll only announce things that are done and live.
I added permalinks to my weblog, though the anchors are appearing just below the post subject lines for some unknown reason. I'll fix them when...oh wait, I promised not to make any promises.