RSS newsreader update

Another list of newsreaders.
Adam suggested Newzcrawler for my Windows PC, and I've got that installed. So far, so good. The FeedDemon beta just came out, so I'll put those two head to head on my Windows PC.
On my Mac at home, I've got NetNewsWire running. I've also got Blogstreet sending posts to both my work and personal e-mail accounts.
It's been fun, but after just two days, it's a bit of information overload. I don't think I'll go with the e-mail solution except for a few isolated blogs because you can't surf inside the e-mail client. Having a newsreader on both my Mac and PC is also a bit of overkill. Ultimately, I suspect I'll end up being a FeedDemon guy if the beta is fairly stable.
I foresee a combination RSS newsreader/blog/e-mail/web browsing client that also manages paid RSS content, makes it easier to inserting hyperlinks and Associates and other affiliate links, possesses superior search and cross-threading and topic filtering technology, and is also smart enough to recommend stuff you'd want to read but weren't aware of. Add in chat capabilities, layer in true micropayments, and we have the next Internet super-application. I'd go off and code one but I'm not smart enough.