What to do?

As you can tell from the time stamp on this post, I'm up late. The job decision is twisting me in knots, and I can't sleep. I thought I had decided on what to do, but every next person I speak to changes my mind. I'm not sure why I'm so anxious given that nothing in life is permanent. I thought I had realized that during my sabbatical, but the lesson isn't taking today.
But my gut is zeroing in, and my experience is that when I trust my gut and heart I'm usually right, and it's much less painful than entrusting such decisions to my brain. I think my gut factors in everything that my brain does but adds a level of subconscious intuition that dissects problems in a way which my brain is not wired to comprehend. It reminds me of the studies that have shown that most interviewers decide yes/no on a candidate within a few minutes of seeing the candidate walk through the door.
I suspect it's related to our ability to intuit the thoughts and feelings of others by reading their faces and body language, an ability Malcolm Gladwell wrote about in an interesting article last August.
There's just not enough time in the day. That's my biggest problem. I wish I could do all three jobs at the same time. Ever since I returned from my sabbatical, my mental batteries have been overcharged. I've been buying books like they're headed for extinction, and everyday I'm researching some new topic of interest that leads to ten other book purchases. I often spread my mental bandwidth too thin; must must must tighten my focus to be effective.