Me Tatonka

I attended the 2003 Tatonka Wing Eating Contest tonight, as a judge. Tatonka is a monthly gathering at the Wing Dome in the U-District. Andy, a New Yorker, started the monthly buffalo wing and beer fest in the early days of Amazon. I hadn't been in quite some time, but I do eat wings cleaner than anyone I know and felt an obligation to lend my critical eye to ensure a fair competition.
I happened to have my new Minolta F300 digital camera handy so I snapped some photos during the event. It was a good chance to try and learn how to use the camera, and as you can tell I didn't quite figure everything out so a few shots are out of focus.
When I got home, I popped the SD Memory card in a USB reader and plugged it into my Powerbook, and a few minutes later, all the photos appeared in iPhoto (Apple's i-apps are the Microsoft Office of fun). Why not learn to use iPhoto as well? I fiddled around with iPhoto for an hour or two trying to touch up the photos, to add some comments and titles, and to export them into a web page. For the most part it was intuitive, but the degree of image size control in the export function isn't as precise as that in Adobe ImageReady (part of Photoshop), so the large-sized photos turned out very large, still. Each ranges anywhere from 150K to 200K in size. Sorry about that. I'll go in and shrink them with Photoshop or ImageReady when I have some more free time.
Perhaps, however, the bloated images are appropriate. After all, this is an event in which 1,341.5 buffalo wings were consumed in less than ninety minutes. Some contestants gained nearly 10 pounds in weight during the evening. Inspired by the evening's gluttony, I wrote a short wing-eating contest haiku:
Man leaves the Wing Dome.
"Completed the wing contest!"
Dies of heart attack.

Or, appropriating one of my favorite spam haikus:
Jassy sees doctor.
"I eat wings monthly," he says.