LCD versus Plasma TVs

Among my wealthy early adopter friends, plasma TVs are all the rage. Everyone wants one, everyone has an itchy trigger finger. But what about LCDs? Should they wait until larger LCDs are manufactured at attractive price points (all signs are that monstrous LCDs are on the way)? Here's some background reading on the topic for those of you fortunate to have enough disposable income and household purchase decision-making power to contemplate the addition:
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Article 2
Personally, I can't envision a plasma TV being my primary TV right now, and they're too expensive as a second TV. Also, in home theater, size matters--watching a movie on a 42" plasma TV only works for me in smaller rooms. But hung on a wall in a bedroom? Smoooooth. Some high quality 32" to 42" models are available for the price of a really nice computer ($3500) so this is the year I expect quite a few of these toys being mounted by drooling boys in homes across America. Me, I'm going to wait on these new LCDs. Hopefully in a year or two prices will drop enough to justify my love.