Wal-Mart vs. Netflix, Round 1

I got my first two Wal-Mart movies yesterday in the mail. They shipped on Thursday the 12th, and arrived on Monday the 16th. That's three business days. Not good when you compare it to the reigning heavy weight champion, wearing the red trunks...
Netflix received a movie back from me on Monday the 16th and sent me an e-mail letting me know to expect the movie on Wednesday the 18th. I got it today, just one day later. Most of the movies they ship to me arrive in one business day, the remainder take two days. Advantage Netflix.
As for the website and packaging, Wal-Mart hasn't tried to do anything fancy to outdo Netflix. Their mailers are almost exactly the same. Smart move since technological innovation isn't their game. Wal-Mart's core competency is pricing its competition into submission. Ruthless.
I shipped one of the Wal-Mart movies back to them today. Let's see what their "mail back receive new movie in return" cycle time turns out to be.