I am Tiger Woods

I am merely a total geek.
I am Neo.
I've biked three times this week, and I am much slower than Lance Armstrong. I am too heavy. I have about one month to lose lots of weight before tackling Alpe D'Huez in France. I am scared.
I am still looking for a job.
I finally got some amoxicillin from my doctor for my sinus infection, so I am a happy puppy.
I am really scared and repulsed by that guy Nic in the Apple Music Store commercial who sings "Baby Got Back." I think Apple must be, too, since they pulled the Quicktime movie that I wanted to link to.
I am really sad that I finished Moneyball and The Da Vinci Code in one day each, because they were really entertaining. I'm sure you'll like them too.
I am sick of spam.
I am disappointed by Enter the Matrix and the new Pete Yorn album, and mildly disappointed by the new Jack Johnson album.
I am the only person who hasn't seen Bruce Almighty. I am excited for Finding Nemo.
I am going to see Ray Harryhausen!