Bike rides in Seattle

Back when I was training for RAMROD in 2001, I posted this page with some links to some ride maps and cue sheets for others who were going to do the ride with me. I found most of them on Seattle Sidewalk (now Citysearch) My page is quite out-of-date now, but I never got around to updating or deleting it, and at some point Sidewalk pulled down the cue sheets so my site ended up being an archive of those pages. A surprising number of cyclists would find the cue sheets through Google and write me about them from time to time.
Last week a guy named Jim Eanes dropped me a line. Turns out he was the originator of the cue sheets for Sidewalk. So first off, thanks to Jim for his service to all Seattle cyclists. Creating cue sheets is time-consuming and a hassle. Secondly, Jim pointed me to some updated cue sheets he's created. Cool stuff. Just in time to provide some variety in my training regimen. I was getting so sick of the Lake Washington and Mercer Island loops, and I need all the motivation I can get to climb back in the saddle, what with another Tour de France mountain climbing bike trip only five weeks away.