On the road again

Off I fly to South America. The last day before a 5 week trip is always a mad rush. I'm packed and about as ready as I'll be at this point, as woefully unprepared as that may be.
I've tried to jot down as many e-mail addresses and phone #'s as possible, but I'm sure I forgot quite a few. Drop me a line while I'm gone, and I'll be sure to reply the first chance I get to hit the Internet. I'd love to hear from you all, as the most mundane news from home is welcomed with open arms while one is abroad, simply for being familiar amidst everything that is foreign.
And if somewhere along the line, you decide you want to quit and rush down to meet me? Well, I'd love the company (solo travel teaches one the meaning of the words Lonely Planet), especially if you speak Spanish.
Pics from my previous trip to NZ and Oz and Rio? Well, time ran out on me. I've only managed to jot down my memories from the first half of the New Zealand trip. Let's hope they're still fresh in my mind when I return from South America. One of these days I'll finish scanning all those photos and post my recollections.
And now I unplug for a while, with simply a camera, some books, a paper journal, and some clothes. What sort of world will I return to in the middle of May?
Hopefully a more peaceful one. See you all in mid-May.
P.S.: If you live in Seattle, a perfect way to welcome me home would be a ticket to see Matrix Reloaded at Cinerama on opening night, the day after I return. =)