This one went the distance

Congrats to Jamie and Jason on their new baby girl. Since Jason called me as they were heading to the hospital late Wednesday night, I've been wringing my hands, wondering what was going on. I can't even imagine the stress levels in the Kilar clan.
Nearly 3 days and 12 rounds later, that little fighter Jamie came through. I'm exhausted just thinking about it, but not as tired as 3 people currently passed out at Swedish. Yeeee-haaaa!

This one's just beginning

And congrats to you, too, Beantown Jenny Brown and hubby Adam, on the bun in the oven. Jenny must have had so much fun two weekends ago, thinking of random ways to drop the news into conversation casually. I almost wish I was pregnant so I had such material to work with.
Okay, no I don't.
I heard on Friday, just as I was ready to head out to Rio, and only the act of getting on a plane kept that secret from burning a hole in my skull that weekend.
Let me tell you, there are babies sprouting and popping out left and right. This is the instant popcorn bag hitting the tipping point in the microwave, when all you hear is the sounds of exploding kernels. I still need to visit Toni and Michelle's new bambinas (but I'm wearing gloves, in case it's contagious). Until then, I'm headed for the trenches to take cover. Someone give me covering fire!