Speed update

My bus leaves in 5 minutes. This will be fast.
I've done lots of crazy stuff thus far: hydrojet racing, quad bike racing, sky diving, white water rafting (7 meter falls), abseiling into a cave, and more which I can't remember. Ahead of me are 3 bungy jumps in Queenstown, a short Lord of the Rings safari, parapenting, and mountain biking off of a helicopter.
I'm the only American on this bus I've been travelling in. Strange. I'm self-conscious because I sense some antagonism towards Americans in general, so I feel like I'm representing the good old USA. Made lots of good friends thus far and have realized the US needs to move to the metric system.
Haven't had as much access to the Internet or taken as many photos as I thought I would. It's all been about doing things, drinking a lot, stuff like that. Sometimes I feel like I'm channelling Scott, and it works. I've made a lot of good friends. It's all bloody fantastic.
Very strange--being around all these foreigners, I'm losing my flat American accent. It just happens. Strange.
Alright, I see the bus moving. Kia ora, mates.