The freaking morning song works

This morning Ali and Laura came by and I played the morning songs before we headed out, and lo and behold, the sun was out and shining all day.
The morning song is Mr. E's Beautiful Blues by the Eels. Johnny would play it each morning before we headed out on the bus, and while we scoffed at it in the beginning, by the end of the trip we all attributed great meteorological powers to playing it early in the morning. Bright sunshine everytime we put it on.
Come to Sydney, rain. I finally play the morning song, and, god damn right, it was a beautiful day.


Oops, Olav and Kjetil read this everyday.
Let me note that Olav and Kjetil disappeared while we were out drinking tonight. I saw them leave with four Swedish supermodels, one on each arm. Must be the Scandinavian bond.