I am now officially a certified Adventure Diver after 8 dives at various sites around the Great Barrier Reef with Pro Dive Cairns.
Scuba diving is very relaxing. I felt like an astronaut down there in the water, everything moving in slow motion, including my breathing. My dive instructor Ben looked like Ewan McGregor, and the boat dive supervisor Christian is a 6' 6" German who's a dead ringer for Dirk Nowitzki. Except no one on the boat knew who Dirk Nowitzki was.
The best moment was actually above water. We were moored off of Flynn Reef last night, and I stayed up late lying on the sundeck, with a nearly full moon laying a shimmering white carpet down on the ocean to our boat. The clouds and stars hovered overhead, a cool ocean breeze ruffled my hair, and an occasional fish would leap out of the water and break the silence with a splash. I listened to music on my iPod and looked at the heavens with the skipper's star chart. I learned a few new constellations besides Orion: Eridanus, Lepus, and Canis Major. I also learned that half of Orion does indeed have the nickname "the saucepan".
The night dive was pretty magical as well. We spotted a giant green turtle swimming under a rock. Some of the coolest activities are ones that are usually done in the daytime, shifted into the evening. My night safari in Kenya, and the night dive here on the Reef.
Sydney awaits.

She's even better from the nose on up

Hey, my sister Joannie is famous! Isn't she a babe?
That's her photographer in the next photo if you scroll down the page a bit. Doesn't he look like Billy Zane? The whole time during Joannie's wedding, I couldn't stop thinking about Zoolander.
"Hey man, listen to your friend Billy Zane. He's a cool dude."