Christmas Carols

Laura invited me to see Christmas Carols in Capitol Hill, but she didn't remember the church. I looked online and found a Christmast carol concert listed for St. James Cathedral titled Candlelight, Carols & Cathedral Children. We decided it must be the one she had read about so we ventured over.
St. James is an impressive cathedral. The entrance was lit up all bluish green, reminding me of Minas Morgul from ROTK, minus the evil orc army and Nazgul.

The choirs were very impressive, and Christmas carols are beautiful. A movie or TV director releasing anything around this time of year can always go back to the old reliable emotional inventory of a scene in which a Christmas carol is being sung in the background by a boys choir while various characters flash across the screen, their pensive faces lit by warm candlelight or gas streetlights, their breath condensing in the winter air. The West Wing turns to it once a year for its annual Christmas episode.