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Back when I was a debate geek in high school, I learned to spin pens. Everyone did it, and it shouldn't have said anything about your argumentative skills, but if you had mastered the pen-fu and your opponent hadn't, you could just sit there twirling your pen like a madman, and your opponent would stare bug-eyed, transfixed, terrified, psyched out. Heaven forbid you screw up and send your Papermate flying across the room; it would be like launching an airball while shooting freethrows during warmups.
By now, we know that the web will inevitably grow to contain sites on any topic, no matter how mundane, and so it is with pen tricks. Some of these take pen tricks to a whole new level. For me, comparing some of these tricks to the basic thumbarounds and sonic normals (turns out these tricks even have official names) I mastered way back in the day is like comparing the BMX trickbook from my elementary school days with the arsenal of moves I saw on TV during the last airing of the X-Games on ESPN2.