From AICN: the sequel to the beautiful and influential Ghost in the Shell, titled Innocence, now has a website and a trailer. It's all in Japanese and so remains cryptic and a bit inaccessible (somewhat like the plot of the first movie).
With little fanfare, at least compared to The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions opens tomorrow. The influence of Ghost in the Shell on the Matrix series is obvious, especially in its visuals. And while I have little idea what the plot of Revolutions is, it appears from the trailer that Agent Smith has become some sort of virus that can replicate himself and infect hosts both human and machine and so Neo has to stop him. In that, Smith echoes the computer program that achieves consciousness and tries to merge itself with a human mind in Ghost in the Shell.
You can preview the soundtrack for The Matrix Revolutions. Or you can buy it. But unlike the other two soundtracks, this one is mostly Don Davis' score, and not heavy metal techno craziness. Not necessarily a bad thing, just different.