Evil, evil Cinerama

Cinerama was supposed to accept sales for the LOTR Trilogy on Dec. 16 through Movietickets.com from 10am this morning to 10am tomorrow morning. Then they'd open up for sales through the box office tomorrow.
Well, obviously it would sell out online, so I had all the proper web windows open, waited patiently until 10am, and then assaulted Movietickets.com, hitting the refresh button like a hamster getting electric jolts to the pleasure nerves in the brain.
Nothing. The site kept crapping out on me at various stages. On and off for an hour and a half, I pounded away. I finally called Movietickets.com and was told that they had shut down the entire AMC system to try and fix things. Try back later in the evening, they said. Fine. I called Cinerama, and the line was busy. It was starting to look like I'd have to trudge out to wait in line in the morning for tix. No problem, I'd done it before..
Until Cinerama decided to go against their posted ticket sales schedule and open the box office at 3pm in the afternoon. Today. Of course, tickets sold out instantly, and by the time I finally got through on the phone to Cinerama's box office I was transferred to some guy who works at the concession stand who could only offer a "Sorry dude."
After all the huge groups I've brought to Cinerama over the years (I brought 40 people to see The Two Towers last year on opening day), all the lavish praise I've heaped on that damn theater, to have them screw me like this...I feel like a cuckold. You cheating SOB.
Now, out of love for LOTR, I'll have to beg for someone to give me a ticket to the trilogy (this is me begging...help me). And if somehow I get one I'll still go.
But me and the Cinerama, we're through. No more convincing people to head there for movies which are much more easily seen elsewhere. No more organizing large group outings. Cinerama has wasted enough of my time and taken enough of my money. I'm kicking her out into the street and changing the locks.