Red Sox vs. Cubs: 7 games and counting

We're 7 victories away from a Cubs/Red Sox World Series. It's something I might never see again in my lifetime [I don't think it's every happened in the history of baseball, either], though the two teams seem to be set up well for the next several years. That Red Sox offense is scary. Adam and Jenny already offered their place if the Cubs make it. I'm having surgery Monday to remove that cyst which will leave me unable to speak or eat for a few days, but even if I'm medicated and in a hospital gown I'm walking out of that hospital and getting to the Cubs World Series games, if they somehow by the grace of Lady Luck make it there [I have to attach disclaimers to all these thoughts because of the inevitable possibility of jinxing my team].
Are knuckleballers cool or what? Here are guys who can barely throw as hard as I can, baffling major league hitters. Are there any such physical aberrations in any other sport? Football? Basketball? Hockey? I can't think of any. Maybe tennis. There are some weirdos in tennis, who hit forehands and backhands on the same side of the racket, or hit two-handed off both sides, things like that.
Alan called to give me a feel of the atmosphere at Yankee Stadium. He was sitting in the bleachers for game one. He said all the Yankee fans were shouting at the few Red Sox fans to get their attention, and when those citizens of Red Sox Nation turned around, about 50 or 60 Yankee fans would scream "A$$hole!!" and flip them off.
You've got to love that Yankee Red Sox rivalry. If I end up at either Fenway or Yankee Stadium, I'll be giving as good as I get.