A list a lot shorter than infinity

1. November's issue of The Believer will feature, according to the most recent McSweeney's newsletter, "Dave Eggers talking at length with David Foster Wallace about Everything and More: A Compact History of Infinity, Wallace's recently published foray into pop-technical writing. They also discuss Wallace's forthcoming collection of short stories, political empathy, tobacco addiction, "work processes," and the possibilities of crossdisciplinary communication, followed by a brief coda on teaching. The interview is very much a conversation; the two Daves get along well, but their "chairs" (so to speak) are angled toward the "audience" just enough to afford a fascinating ten-page glimpse into Mr. Wallace's hilarious, quick, and profound brain." Also featured will be "an interview with Saturday Night Live head-writer Tina Fey, who describes her office life.
("There are always lots of people fake-raping each other.")"
2. "Frank Sinatra Has a Cold."
3. Seatguru, so you can find that comfy seat for your flight home for Thanksgiving, or Xmas. Or so you can understand just why your flight was so miserable.
4. Margaret Cho blog.
5. Chris Rock doing another standup tour in early 2004! Unfortunately, at this point, seats, let alone good ones, are hard to come by.
6. Maxit workout clothes, which Lloyd Kahn claimed (to Kevin Kelly) are far superior to all that heavily marketed gear from Patagonia, North Face, etc. Given the unbelievably inclement weather here in Seattle recently, I just may have to try some if I want to cycle.
7. A Kill Bill Vol. 1 study guide.
8. Unused commentary by Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky for The Fellowship of the Ring (Platinum Series Extended Edition) DVD: Part One, Part Two
9. A purple frog (with a snout).
10. David Blaine comes out of his box: "Blaine