Chicken fighting with a girl

Seeing Jordan drop 41 on a Pacers team coached by the whiny Isaiah Thomas and led by the whining Reggie Miller still gives me an inordinate amount of pleasure. Jordan once compared playing against Reggie Miller with "chicken fighting with a girl" because of the way Miller grabs and tugs with his arms and hands or flops at the slightest contact on defense and the way he pushes off with his arms to get open on offense.
Everyone knows Miller pushed off of Jordan to get open for the game winning 3 in the 98 playoffs to force a game 7. Ridiculous no-call, almost as bad as the foul call on Pippen against Hubert Davis to allow the Knicks to get past the Bulls in the 95 playoffs.
Isaiah? Great player, but forever an ass in my mind for first leading the Jordan freeze-out in the All-Star game when Jordan was a rookie, and also for walking off of the court before the end of the game when the Bulls finally swept the Pistons in the playoffs. What a chump.

Peter and Sarah Clarke, sitting in a tree

Peter dated Sarah Clarke while he lived in NYC! Holy #$%!
Of course, he's over watching football today and just drops it on me casually.
"Hey, do you watch 24?" he asks me.
"Sure, why?" I ask.
"I saw this girl I used to date, she was on the front page of USA Today, face to face with Kiefer Sutherland. She's in the show," he says.
"Really!? Holy shit. What's her name?" I say. And almost immediately, I'm thinking, oh my god, he dated Nina Myers.
"Sarah Clarke," he says, not even looking at me.
At this point I proceed to scream a couple of expletives and wave my hands wildly while Peter sits on the sofa stares at me with a look both bored and scronful, a look that says, oh you poor, pitiful man, have you not dated any celebrities?
I am still somewhat devastated. Of course, the real loser here is Sarah, who ended up marrying Xander Berkeley, the guy who plays George Mason. Peter is much cooler.