Pot roast

I received a slo-cooker (aka crock pot) recently and put it to use yesterday. I made a pot roast.
Turned out okay though the flavor needs more salt and is too tomato-ey. Also, I was impatient so I cooked it on high and the meat is on the tough side for a roast. I'll adjust the recipe next time, but the thing with a slo-cooker is you have to spend about ten days finishing each dish.

You gotta pay to play

Bummer. Baseball Prospectus is going to start charging for most of its content. $39.95 for a year's worth.
Web subscriptions are pricey (Salon charges $30 per year for an ad-free subscription). Compare that with $24.95 for a year's subscription to a print magazine like The New Yorker and it seems expensive. Compare it to the cost of 2 or 3 CDs in which only 33% of the songs are memorable and it doesn't seem so bad.


Groove Armada has a new CD out--Lovebox. Releases on my birthday. As if I needed an excuse to buy it for myself. Right.

Can I get any more real?

Thank goodness I'm leaving this country for a month. Otherwise I'd be overdosing on reality. Joe Millionaire on Monday. American Idol and The Real World on Tuesday. The Bachelorette on Wednesday. Without reality TV, how often would be able to feel superior to our petty, conniving, fellow men and women?