The end of summer

Yesterday, Sunday, was grey out. Today, as I left the office and walked out into the night, the rain was pouring down. Saturday may have been the last day of the summer. I think I'm sad about that. I'm not sure. I don't feel anything.

Dead (or missing) presidents

The Sopranos season premiere was somber in mood, using the nation's economic recession as the central theme. It ends with a slow zoom into a twenty dollar bill, ending with an extreme closeup of Andrew Jackson's right eye. Yep, in tough times we're all locked in on the almighty dollar.

Tough times for Stevie

Some of the directors at AOL/Time Warner are trying to oust Steve Case. Tony Soprano ain't the only guy having a rough go of it.
If they're blaming him for the deflation of their stock, I think they're pinning too much on the donkey. Anyone outside the company could see that the value being assigned to the so-called synergy between old and new media (yeah, we'll just take all these assets we have, like movies, magazines, and music, and just pump them through high-bandwidth pipes and make lots of money somehow) was inflated to absurd proportions.
I'd love to sit in on some of the senior management meetings at AOL/Time Warner. Steve Case, Ted Turner, Richard Parsons, Frank Caufield, John Malone, James Barksdale--big egos, big agendas, and big personalities.

Records are made

Nothing against Emmitt Smith, who has about 400 or so yards left to beat Walter Payton's all-time rushing record, but I'd rather not have anyone unseating Sweetness from the top of the record book. I'm still peeved at Ditka for having given Refrigerator Perry the touchdown in the 85 Super Bowl instead of Payton. Ditka and his idiotic macho attitude had to insist on shoving Perry down the Patriots throats. The Bears were going to kill the Patriots anyway--why use the gimmick play? As it turned out, Payton never scored, and now he's gone. I have no pity for Ditka being kicked out of coaching. He was a lousy one.