In a world without laughter

The trailer for Comedian cracks me up. I love that guy who does the voice-overs for movie trailers. I wish I had his voice--it's kind of Robert Stack. I'd be such a hit at every party.

I'm fairly certain I'll find you

Watching the TV commercial for The Four Feathers, a movie I'll see because it's directed by Shekhar Kaphur, who directed the immensely entertaining Elizabeth. The only thing that trips me up is that the trailer contains a clip of Heath Ledger stating emphatically, "I will find him." (emphasis on "will").
Anyone seasoned moviegoer knows that the line "I will find _____" will forever be associated with Daniel Day Lewis who uttered the line in Last of the Mohicans. It's supposed to be a serious moment in the film, but somehow that line got so much play in the trailer that audiences everywhere OD'd on the gravitas. I don't know a single movie buff who doesn't crack himself up from rehearsing, "Just stay alive. I will find you!"

Unworthy of the Hamptons

What was that dress Carrie was wearing at the wedding in the season finale of SITC? Looked like a shower cap. Sarah Jessica Parker is a terrible dresser in real life, and sometimes it carries over into the show.
I think the show is losing steam. This season was dull. As Keith Olbermann said, "Too much city, not enough sex." Or something like that. The plot structure is a bit tired.