Precious daylight

Tuesdays and Thursdays are always a mad dash home from work to salvage enough daylight from the remains of the day to complete my bike training rides. Today it was a frantic rush around the south end of Lake Washington. I got home and it was pitch black out so I finished my training ride on the indoor trainer. It doesn't get light in the morning until past 6am now, so morning rides of any length are out when early meetings are on the docket. Did the summer ever start here in Seattle? I must have been napping.
My allergies are going crazy as well. As I've gotten older, the frailties pile on. Arthritis in the knee, grey hairs, allergies. I was never allergic to anything as a kid. I like to think that the counterbalance is a monumental surge in intelligence and worldly charm.

New novel by Dave

David Eggers, who rocketed to literary fame with the catchingly titled (as post-modern a title as can be) A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius: Based on a True Story is publishing a new novel to be released Sept. 20. To get one of the first 10,000 copies, you have to pre-order from McSweeney's. This week's New Yorker short story is an excerpt from this upcoming novel, and Eggers discusses it in an interview currently posted at the New Yorker site.


Nope, not a Japanese product like Asian drink Pocari Sweat (is this a bad translation?!?) being pandered by Jean Reno. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots is the amazing new album by The Flaming Lips.


4The 15 minutes of fame for has arrived with its feature in EW and Yahoo. Features lots of clips of Western actors padding their bank accounts by sneaking over to Japan to hawk all sorts of wares in TV commercials. I've only watched a few, but by far my favorite so far is the Simpsons pushing some drink called C.C. Lemon. Authentic because they speak Japanese and are way too enthusiastic, as all actors are in Asian commercials. Because damn it, C.C. Lemon is NUMBER ONE!!! C.C. LEMOOOOOOOOOONNN!

That's two they'll lose

Hey, I'm not the only guy who'll give up on baseball if they go on strike. So will Sports Guy.