Tube job

End of an era. My faithful Pioneer 1009W has moved next door with Scott, and a new Pioneer 720HD has moved in to serve as my faithful entertainment companion. Man, I loved that 1009W. After it was calibrated, it just put out an awesome movie picture. The 720HD has a ways to go to achieve that. It needs breaking in and lots of calibration. But it can handle progressive scan and high-def signals, and it was high time for me to join that world. Now I just need my receiver back and I'll be ready to begin hosting movie nights all over again.


When Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights, Hard Eight, Magnolia) said he was making a movie starring Adam Sandler, it seemed like the kind of brash declaration he'd absolutely follow up on. After all, what greater challenge for an acclaimed director than taking an actor that everyone considers a low-brow comedian and directing him to critical acclaim? Sounded exactly like something PTA would try. Well, now there's proof.
The trailer(s) are out. Click on Punch, Drunk, and Love to see each of the three. Can't wait for this movie!