Sight and Sound Top Ten Movies of All Time

The results are in. Sight and Sound polls critics and movie directors themselves, so these are the "experts" picks, for whatever that's worth.
Across the director and critics lists, the films I haven't seen are all the ones not yet on DVD: La Regle du Jeu (Renoir), Tokyo Story (Ozu), Sunrise (Murnau). In particular, I really want to see Sunrise, a silent film, but it's only available on VHS. I think there's a laserdisc version, and I may have to track that down once my receiver is back from the shop.
Lists like these will always invite a lot of debate, but for those who haven't seen these films, you can't really go wrong with any of them.
Sidenote: Safe to say Transporter won't be making any future Sight and Sound lists. Trailer looks fun, though. One of the unfortunate byproducts of China's takeover of Hong Kong was the outflow of all the talent from the HK movie industry. Fortunately, perhaps because of this outflow, we're seeing that HK influence in cinema of other countries, especially the US. When that influence is perverted, you get crap like Romeo Must Die. The Transporter, directed by HK vet Cory Yuen, looks like a lighthearted, mindless romp that doesn't take itself all that seriously.

Perhaps the closet?

In Seattle, if you want to do something in your garage--start a garage band, edit a film in your garage, paint in your garage--you actually have to be fairly well-off since space is tight and most homes don't have garages. So in a way, the economics here undermine the rags-to-riches nature of the garage artist myth.