Frivolous this All-Star game was

This All-Star game was jinxed from the start. Anastacia screwed up the words to the national anthem (rockets gave glare? gave truth through the night...?). Then the game ended in a tie. I agree with Jim Caple and all the other writers who wished the game still counted for something. No one really tries that hard to win, from the managers to the players, so it's hard for the fans to care.
Back in an age long ago, Pete Rose ran over Ray Fosse to score the winning run in the All-Star game, effectively ending Fosse's career. Ted Williams named his game-winning home run in the 1946 All-Star game after playing the entire game because he was the best player at his position, and you play your best players if you're trying to win. Back then the players and managers played the All-Star game to win.
Who really cares if everyone gets to play or not? This isn't some charity game. Sosa hit a 524 foot homer in the home run contest. Barry Bonds has an on base percentage of .562. Let them play the whole game.


The MLB rule that the All-Star team include a player from every team is ridiculous.

Not the newest VW...

I was driving behind a Passat station wagon today, and another Passat passed in the right lane. Except someone had removed some of the letters from the name of the car in back, so all that remained was ASS.

The latest BMW...

A preview shot of the upcoming BMW Z4 Roadster:

With their latest 7 series and this latest Z4, BMW has modified the styling of its cars fairly radically. A little too old school and frumpy for my taste, though the Z4 is an improvement over the Z3 which looks like a toy.

Spirited Away on DVD!

Spirited Away (by Hayao Miyazaki of Princess Mononoke and My Neighbor Totoro fame) will be out on DVD in late July or early August, even before it's out in theaters in the U.S. Yeeee-haa!
I'm hoping it will include the original Japanese soundtrack in addition to the English dub. Voices for the English dub:
Chihiro: Daveigh Chase (A.I, Lilo & Stitch)
Haku: Jason Marsden (How to Make a Monster, Baldur's Gate)
Boiler Room Man: David Ogden
Twin Witches: Suzanne Pleshette (Lion King 2, Along Came a Spider)
Chihiro's mother, Yugo: Lauren Holly (Don't Cry For Me, Any Given Sunday)
Chihiro's father, Akio: Michael Chiklis (Heavy Gear: The Animated Series, The Commish)
Lin: Susan Egab
Bathhouse Manager: John Ratzenberger (Monsters Inc, Cheers)