Watched Rob Lowe host the Macy's fireworks show from the Big Apple last night. Lowe was a good choice to represent America. Here's a guy who videotaped himself having a threesome (pardon moi, a menage a trois) with two minors, and now he's come back to be one of my favorite characters on The West Wing. We're a nation that forgives.
Lowe was a good sport in his first several West Wing episodes, poking fun of his past when he finds out he's had a fling with a high-priced call girl.
Ray Charles singing America the Beautiful, that's an American tradition, like Charlie Brown TV specials during Halloween and Thanksgiving. Britney Spears dressed in skimpy outfits doing hip pumps with a cadre of multi-ethnic dancers while singing "Boys"? That's a new one. Couldn't she have sung Yankee Doodle Dandy or something? Draped in an American flag?