Barry Bonds is having such an amazing stretch of offense (at last check his on-base percentage was .628--that's a beer league softball stat!!!) that he's actually not benefitting his team as much as walks normally benefit a team.
.628 OBP!!! An .899 slugging percentage!!! 40 walks and 5 strikeouts!
I absolutely have to get to Pac Bell stadium this year to see him play a game. Unbelievable.
Our softball team had its first game of the season. It was a nail-biter, but we managed to pull out a win in the bottom of the last inning, 10-9. Rich brought me home with a sac fly to win it. Since we only won one game last year, this one was huge. I was actually a bit jittery getting out there for the first time, not sure how good we'd be. But after out first one-two-three inning and after my first hit, I realized that the other team wasn't necessarily any better than we were. We'll be competitive this year if we play solid defense and avoid flyball outs.
I played right field today and got lots of action, which is fun. I wanted them to hit every ball my way. I enjoy standing out there and reading the batter, watching him warm up, looking at his swing, his stance, and moving myself around to get in the best position to catch the ball. There's an art to that.
My favorite type of fly ball to chase is the deep one over your head. The kind where you just turn and run as hard as you can and then, at some point, and you just know what point that is based on your body's internal clock and your split second assessment of how the ball left the bat and what trajectory it was on, you turn back and try and pick up the ball in the sky with your eye (again, your brain has guessed where the ball should be by that point and points your eyes there first) and then you reach out and hope you can pull it in over your shoulder. I got one to chase down like that tonight and it was the most fun I had all night.