Pronounce you man and girlfriend

Today Scott, on bended knee, asked Lorin to be his girlfriend. Long-distance. A small group of us gathered for the ceremony at brunch at the Edgewater Inn.
Rich gave a speech, I was best man and presented the ring, a beautiful $18 number from Nordstrom...not a dry eye in the crowd.
You may wonder why asking a girl out requires such ado. If you do, you don't know Scott. Commitment is a four-letter word in his vocabulary. Was.
I'm happy for him. He seems much happier than he's been in a long time with Lo, and this will be a healthy new chapter in his life.
I was happy to be his ring bearer. One thing he did for me which I'll always remember. Back in 98, the night before my knee surgery, Scott visited me in the hospital and brought me a few things: a Dick's cheeseburger, a large bag of Doritos, and some needed company. I'd only been in Seattle for about a year and there wasn't exactly a line of people knocking down my hospital door.
More than my knee needed reconstruction. I'd lost my mother a few months earlier, had a broken heart, and was sick of Seattle and my job. My knee injury had been previously misdiagnosed and so I mangled it worse than before. My 24th year in this world was undoubtedly a low point.
As I gorged myself on the junk food, a welcome respite from hospital meals (why is hospital food so terrible when they're supposed to places that heal?), we chatted about random things. I can't remember a single thing we chatted about, but it didn't matter. It helped me pass one pleasant night that year, and there weren't many of those.
The next day they rebuilt my knee. Then another loyal friend Aaron came and picked me up. As I rolled out to the sidewalk in my wheelchair, I threw up the cheeseburger and the Doritos just short of Aaron's car. They had gotten me through the surgery and their work was done.
Now, just four years later, Aaron's engaged, and Scott has a girlfriend, which for him is an engagement. I like to think it's karma for the kindness they showed me then.