Tonight I was going nuts because I couldn't find the battery pack for my minidisc player (and thus couldn't listen to the Steve Reich MDs that Ken sent my way). Also, I couldn't find all the SIFF tickets I bought. After waiting in an interminable line for those damn tickets, I would have thrown a fit if they disappeared.
The night went from distressing to triumphant when the battery pack turned up under my mattress and the SIFF tickets showed up in the trunk of my car, both places which just came to me after I sat down and calmed myself down. It reminds me of the Far Side panel in which a deer stands with his back to a tree while a hunter searches in the background with a rifle in hand. The caption reveals the thoughts of the deer, and it read something like, "Don't panic. Why is this guy after you? C'mon, think, think!"
It also reminds me of those studies that show if you screw up a customer order or experience but rectify it with impeccable customer service, you often end up with a more loyal customer than you would have if their experience had gone off without a glitch from the start. I'm going to start misplacing cash and random items in places I know I'll stumble across accidentally in the future so that my days are filled with pleasant surprises, like the beneficiaries of Amelie of Montmartre's furtive good deeds.
A list of films I'm seeing at the Seattle International Film Festival this year, for those of you who asked:
Title Date Theater
Tadpole (2) 6/4 Egyptian
Agitator (2) 6/9 Pacific Place
The Fast Runner (2) 6/10 Cinerama
The Piano Teacher (2) 6/10 Cinerama
Hi, Dharma (2) 6/12 Cinerama
Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance 6/14 Cinerama
The Rule of the Game 6/15 Harvard Exit
And the Secret Festival, which is for undisclosed films.
For you Seattle readers who decide to attend one of the films, drop me a line and I'll save a spot in line for you. I really hadn't heard of many of the films this year, so I have no idea if any of these are any good, but I used contextual clues as much as possible. Directors I've heard of, films that won awards at other film fests like Sundance or Cannes, clues like that. I was hoping Spirited Away would be one of the films, but I guess we'll have to wait for Disney to release it.