E-mail I received:
"The first teaser to the MATRIX: RELOADED and THE MATRIX: REVOLUTIONS is set to be released on Wednesday May 15th, with its world premier on Entertainment Tonight. To see it in theaters, it will be attached to a certain film due out this week. If you miss it, don't worry, you can view it here, at, directly after its final airing on Entertainment Tonight. That's roughly 9pm PST, May 15th.
For this online release, we've decided to go digital... this is THE MATRIX, after all. We compressed this first teaser directly from the 2K digital source files, over 20 gigabytes of data. Why'd we bother? No scan lines, capable of far higher resolutions, zero transfer loss. More shortly."
Also, teaser for the new Bond flick, Die Another Day.
Unfortunately it's in Windows Media or Realvideo format so it's blurry.
(Update: now in beautiful, glorious Quicktime)
The trailer for Gangs of New York, the long delayed film by Martin Scorsese, features Leonardo Dicaprio trying his best to feign an Irish accent, and the return of Daniel Day Lewis from his stint as a cobbler in Europe.
A trailer, sort of, for Full Frontal, Soderbergh's new film which I'm dying to see because he shot it using equipment I might be able to access to make my own film. Though it still leaves the issue of how I'd secure Julia Roberts' time.
Trailer for Irreversible, a French film. The trailer works, really, because it's set to Beethoven.
High res Quicktime trailer for Walt Disney's animated adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Planet. Looks to have better animation than Atlantis: The Lost Empire did.