Oh, another thing

One thing lots of critics have admired about Spiderman is the clever wink the filmmakers toss the audience's way about male teenage sexual confusion by having Peter Parker actually develop and discover his ability to fire white streams of webs from his wrists (and by having him struggle comically to learn how to control and harness that ability--witness his inadvertent shots across the bow, as it were, when he first attempts to hit a crane from the top of a building).
What the critics didn't point out is that in the comic book, Spiderman doesn't get that ability--the saavy science whiz Peter Parker develops a web-like material which he stores in a web-shooting device which he straps to each wrist. If spider DNA really merged with Peter Parker's DNA to give him this ability, Tobey would've been shooting webs from his ass, which is how most spiders spin webs.

Could you hold

The number of telemarketers calling me at home is out of control. I've resorted to telling these folks, "Can you hold a minute?" Then I put throw my phone across the room and continue doing whatever it was that I was doing. Man it feels good.