Oh Danny Boy

Congratulations to Dan on his very recent engagement. Most people I know are consistent and rarely shock me. Dan is consistently and genuinely surprising, and he's not to be confused with folks who are constantly seeking to attract attention through purposeful lunacy. He is stubbornly his own man (for now, at least), and I'm thankful for that, even when I'm right and he's wrong but won't accept it. Hopefully he'll continue to cause us all to shake our heads in puzzlement, despite the marriage.
Oh, of course he will.
Blah blah blah--insert the usual cliches about "losing another guy from the roster" and "wild guy getting domesticated". Actually, what's more concerning is that I tend to trail most my friends in Seattle in age by a few years, and they're rapidly coupling off and disappearing from general social circulation. Hmmm. Hmmm. People might ask me Mary Ann or Ginger, and the truth is, I have no idea. It was before my time. No need to panic, but this is Robin Hood noticing the guards locking all the doors and sealing all the windows and wondering if he's at the right dinner party.
2002 Pulitzer Prizes announced. Does anyone read poetry anymore?