Common language

Karen Hughes, arguably George W. Bush's top aide, is moving back to Texas so her son can attend high school there. She was often credited with ensuring that Bush spoke in the language that the regular Joe can relate to and understand.
It's often argued that one reason Bush defeated Gore in the last election was that while Bush's speeches and quotes were often inarticulate, Gore's speech was condescending, highbrow, and lacking in charisma. Clinton was a powerful politician because he managed to merge the good points of both sides.
Speaking of resignations, there's some tabloid-style intrigue going down at the Harvard Business Review. Protests, affairs, divorces, Jack Welch, journalistic integrity under fire. Anyone who discounts the price of being famous is naive. What you get in exchange for your wealth and fame is the chance to deal with random press and amateur weblog gawking.


Everyone is cranky. Coworkers, rotisserie baseball managers, random strangers... I'm starting to get cranky, too. I wanted to flip out today, but I managed to count to ten. Maybe it's lack of sleep, or the long and lousy bout of winter weather, or just a general need for a vacation. My patience is running very thin this week. I could feel the frown on my face growing all day, like the gradual tightening of a violin string, or the rising pressure in your ear as a plane lifts off.
I need to cool off, because blowing up is rarely productive, and not something I admire in others. But more than ever I'm realizing why I need parts of my life that are my own, cordoned off with barbed wire and rabid dogs.
One, two, three, four, five, six...